Aquarena and Ralph
Ralph Swine Dive


Aquarena Springs and Ralph the Swimming Pig
---- The Documentary of a Texas Treasure

Return with us now to yesteryear and the amazing and delightful Aquarena Springs in San Marcos, Texas. Before the Magic Kingdom, before flat-screens, before multiplex theaters, this was where Texans of all ages came to be entertained – and boy, did they ever come. Millions of them through the 1960s up to the 1990s.

Plus Glurpo the clown, beautiful mermaids, underwater shows,
glass bottom boats, and much, much more.

While Aquarena Springs is just a memory, it's a memory we're keeping vividly alive with a documentary that the entire family will enjoy. This 78 minute DVD is a grin-splitting, belly-laughing delight, and it's only $19.95! You'll see clips of Ralph and his not-so-death-defying swine dive. Glurpo the clown schmoozing with the crowd, those ultra lovely mermaids and the glass bottom boats. There will be interviews with folks who worked there, people who visited and so much more. It's the next best thing to being there yourself!

Own this piece of history for only $19.95.

If you visited Aquarena Springs, heard about it (who hasn't?), or if you're just a nostalgia buff, you have to have this DVD. It's beautifully produced and packed full of scenes and information that will transport you back to the good old days. You'll laugh, you'll tear up, and you'll be thoroughly entertained. We would not kid you about this!

Buy it for yourself. Buy it for a friend or family member but be sure to buy it now. This is something you don't want to miss!

What our customers say

Bruce H., Galveston

Ralph the swimming pig, Glurpo the crazy clown and all the rest. My parents brought me to Aquarena Springs when I was kid, and my wife and I took our own three children later. What a pity it's no longer there for our grandchildren, but at least we'll have this great video to show them how their grandparents and parents had fun!

Elizabeth C., Lubbock

Your Aquarena DVD really blew my mind. I swear I could smell the fries and hot dogs cooking as I watched it. I'm so glad you've been able to preserve the essence of what a marvelous place it was. Thanks so much.

Sean G., Houston

My wife and I had our first date at Aquarena and two years later I proposed to her by the glass bottom boats. The video is just great and captured the real essence of not only Aquarena, but of that bygone era as well.

Marge S., Dallas

Your DVD on Aquarena reminded me of a time when a family like ours could have good wholesome fun. We kids would marvel at the glass bottom boats and the Mermaid Theater was the best. I'm buying three more copies for my own kids to show them just how great life was back then. Thanks!

Tom E., San Antonio

Watching this video really brought me back to the "good old days". Our family would visit Aquarena Springs every year,and it was an outing we all looked forward to! Many thanks from bringing back those smiles!